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What I'm Reading: Part 3

What I'm Reading: Part 3

Here’s a list of everything I read from July-September! I think some of these are going to make my favorites of the year list for sure.

I’m already well into my first October book- I can’t believe this year is almost over. With the Texas Book Festival coming to Austin at the end of the month, there are so many books I want to read (and know I’m going to want to read after).

I’m officially 1 book ahead of my goal. 19 out of 24 down!!


Communion: The Female Search For Love by bell hooks

This book is absolutely phenomenal and has been my number #1 recommended book recently. At points I thought bell hooks was speaking directly to me, and I really think everyone should read it! (I just got a friend to and she loved it) It talks about the ideas of love and feminism in the face of a society stricken with patriarchy. As somebody who has a very conflicted position on love and relationships in the modern day for myself, this book was a comforting guide.

I found this book through actor Matt McGorry’s Goodreads list! If you love books on social justice and activism, you should definitely check him out.


Hopped on this book after hearing Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington were making a Hulu series based on it! Hoping the show will fill the void in my heart after the end of Big Little Lies earlier this year.

This was my second audio book experience, and honestly I would’ve preferred reading a physical copy on this one. I felt there were some details I missed just listening to it. But overall I did enjoy it! Ng does an excellent job telling each character’s story. There are a lot of very strong and compelling female characters in this book, which I loved! I think its going to make a great TV show and I’m excited to see how they expand it. Also want to read some of Ng’s other novels, which I’ve heard great things about.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


This is now my second book read, or in this case listened to, by Rowell this year. It was on my TBR list for a long time. During a road trip, I was checking out at a gas station and decided to see what audiobooks were available for immediate download from the library, and I found this.

The audiobook was only 9 hours, which honestly isn’t very long compared to the other two I’ve listened to. My trip was about 4.5-5 hours each way, so I got through most of it. It was an enjoyable read and kept me engaged. Its a YA teenage fiction book, which I sort of expected, but it does have some darker material, such as domestic violence, child neglect, sexual harassment, etc. just so you know.

From Scratch by Tembi Locke


This beautiful memoir hit so close to home for me. Tembi Locke discusses meeting and falling in love with her husband for the first time, their process of having their daughter, her husband’s journey and battle with cancer, the reunions of their families, and what her relationship to grief looked like in the years after her husband’s passing.

This was SUCH a tear jerker, but I was so in love with it. As somebody who experienced a loss to cancer three years ago, I felt this was the perfect time in my life to encounter this book. Her descriptions of Italy and Sicily specifically were so beautiful- I felt like I was practically there myself at times.

Also, fair warning: you’ll be craving Italian food the entire time you read this. Tembi Locke is actually speaking at the Texas Book Festival in Austin in October and I’m so excited to try and see her speak!

Tell Me Everything by Cambria Brockman


This is a brand new fiction novel! It was recommended to me by a few bloggers who got pre-release copies. I had it on hold from the library before it was even in stock!

This book is like ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ meets small town liberal arts college. It was definitely getting me in the mood for fall/winter! The beginning was a little slow, but once I had a better sense of the 6 central characters I was totally sucked in. I finished this book in a few days.

From what I’ve heard the book went to auction pre-release because tons of networks wanted the rights to make it into a TV show/movie already! I think Netflix got it, but I’ll for sure have to fact check that. Either way, read this now and you can be that hipster book nerd that tells people “I read it before it was cool.”

Summer of ‘69 by Elin Hilderbrand


This was totally my ‘farewell to the summer of ‘19’ book. Everyone describes Elin Hilderbrand as being a beach-reads author, so I was definitely surprised by how much I LOVED this book. Its a historical fiction novel that follows the stories of 4 women- a mother and her 3 daughters. There is SO much that happened that summer, and you get a great sense of it in this book- from political scandal, to Woodstock, to the moon landing, to the Vietnam war. I was also surprised by how female-empowering it was! I will definitely be reading more of her books, which remind me of better Hallmark movies?

They’re engaging, but light hearted. I need one for fall and winter now.

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones


So I technically started this book earlier this year and got halfway through it before a bunch of books I had on hold at the library became available. But since I actually finished the rest of it this month I’m keeping it on the list!

This book was a heartbreaking and insightful story that explores a complicated love triangle from all three perspectives, discusses wrongful incarceration, and details what its like to be a black American in the modern south. Tayari Jones has a beautiful way of writing about the human experience and it just sucks you in.

Reading 3.JPG

**As always, I’ve linked all of the books on Amazon, but always try to check your local library for free copies or stop in and shop at your local resale shop or bookstore!

There were a lot of great reads these last few months. I have 5 books left in my goal, and its a super busy semester, so we will see if I make it! I have some good books specifically picked out to get me in the mood for Halloween, and then I have some other highly recommended books in my TBR pile that I will finally get around to as well.

Like always, if you have something you’ve read and loved recently, let me know!

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