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Hello Fall! + My Fall Bucketlist

Hello Fall! + My Fall Bucketlist

Today is the autumnal equinox, which means fall has officially begun! Today I’m celebrating by wearing my apple t-shirt (on sale!) and indulging in a Pumpkin Creme Cold Brew from Starbucks. I purchased all of my fall candles a few weeks ago, but I’ve held off on lighting them until today. At work, we are big on holiday decorations, so we set up all of Halloween today. Even as I write this, I’m procrastinating on studying to I can watch Gilmore Girls.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, and it is so heartbreaking that we don’t really get to see much of the season here in Texas! However, I do try to make the best of it by surrounding myself in decor and experiences suited for the season- it took moving out of our last apartment to get my roommates and I to finally take down our fall foliage and decor.

Despite having a million things on my to-do list and a big exam tomorrow, I made time to stop by the Shoal Creek Nursery in Austin to pick out some orange chrysanthemums for my apartment!


I’ve made this sort of bucket list for myself this season as something to look forward to amidst a crazy busy semester! Let the season of Bath and Body Works candles commence!

  • Go to the State Fair in Dallas

    • Feeling obligated to experience the State Fair for the first time during OU Weekend. #SeniorYear

  • Do a ‘Countdown to Halloween’ Watchlist

    • Super bummed that Disney Plus doesn’t come out until November! They have SO many classics I want to watch on there.

  • Drink homemade apple cider

  • See some fall foliage

    • So technically I am going to DC in November, but the leaves will most likely all be gone by then. I’ll have to find a backup plan.

  • Rewatch Gilmore Girls (for like the 4th time)

  • Perfect a pumpkin recipe

    • Bread? Pumpkin Spice Latte? Pancakes? The opportunities are endless. I did make pumpkin spice overnight oats last night that were pretty great.

  • Go on a picnic

    • Maybe I’ll combine this one with an outdoor/drive-in movie. I’ve also had my eye on this wool blanket that is perfect for fall/winter.

  • Buy some fall veggies at the farmer’s market and make dinner.

  • Go to a concert

  • Read some spooky inspired literature

    • Up first on my list is actually Anne Rice’s classic ‘Interview With A Vampire’! The Texas Book Festival is next month and there are so many authors and books I’m interested in seeing/hearing about.

  • Attend a fall festival

    • It can be hard to find that small town fall festival vibe when you live in a big city, but I’m willing to make a small road trip if I have to.

  • Find a PYO farm

    • Apple picking isn’t really a thing in central Texas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find local farms that offer similar experiences near you!

  • Bake a homemade pie

    • Maybe with the fruit I pick from the PYO farm..

  • Make a fall playlist

    • Every season I create a fall playlist on Spotify of songs I’m either just discovering and listening to or songs that make me think of that time/a special event, etc. I love going back and listening to old season playlists and remembering all that was going on in my life then.

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What all is on your fall bucket list?

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